Note Expression Issues

Hi All,

Not sure if this is just me and ‘finger trouble’, but I decided to put a volume increasing note expression on a note in my composition by painting it onto the note in the Key Editor.

Clicking the mouse on the note allows one to hear how the note will sound within the key editor. Doing this results in the note increasing its volume as expected.


When I go to play the track, the note stays stuck resolutely at a fixed volume - like it is ignoring the note expression.

Seems strange that note expression only works when one auditions individual notes by clicking on them rather than during playback?

I’m using note expression with Halion Sonic’s HSO - specifically the ‘Violin Combi Solo’ patch and have tried it out on various notes and get the same result regardless.

Is there something I have missed here or is there some kind of bug with Note Expression?


I did notice something a bit buggy with that particular preset (I presume you didn’t change anything in the Note Expression section of the track’s Inspector?)
To verify, try a different HS SE preset, especially one with “Note Exp” in the name.
(I don’t want to lead you on a wrong path, but, here, I eventually got that preset working o.k. by inserting a CC#1=127 event into the start of the MIDI Part… really shouldn’t have been necessary)

Sorry about the delay in answering - been very busy - in fact still very busy :slight_smile:

Tried to add a pitch bend expression to a different patch - this time to a Bass Guitar. Again the same thing. Clicking on the note allows me to hear it exactly as I expect it to be with a descending pitch. However, on normal playback the note plays as normal without the pitch bend.

I’m sure this is something that I’m not doing as I don’t see many other posts with regard to this issue.

When I get some more time I will try to locate a patch with “Note Exp” in the name and try that. It might be that only those types of patches work with note expression. Though that said, if this were the case, I wouldn’t expect my ‘note preview’ to work at all.


No, that should work anyways.
However, I cannot think for the life of me what you could be doing for it not to work on playback. :confused:

:blush: :stuck_out_tongue:
You’re in Bypass mode! (the icon at the right of the Note Expression widget is yellow when it is bypassed, not when it is “on”).
I have only just noticed that it still works when clicking on a note even when bypassed.

Oh My!!! :blush:

You’re right - I’m in bypass mode! :laughing:

Thank you very much for the help - I would never have spotted that in a million years!

Time to go and add some note expressions to my latest peice :smiley:

Again, Thank you very much for this!