Note expression Menu : no Volume

In my Cubase 6.0.5 midi Key editor / Note expression I have only CC and only one Volume parameter ( CC7 Main Volume). The other folks have like this : - Volume, Pan, Tuning… and of course CC7. Can not find it… HELP !

My printscreen :

No one?

That is normal, depending upon whether the destination VST instrument is “Note Expression savvy” or not… e.g. you’ll see those extra parameters when the track is routed to HALion Sonic SE, but not when routed to Prologue.

In your picture just above CC1 (Modulation), there is a Parameter drop down. Make sure it says Make all parameters visible. Then RTFM about how to use Note Expression. It explains various options for what gets displayed in that window fairly well.

lol, I went to re-fill coffee and you beat me to it.

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OK,OK! Thanks for all. None of my vst’s have it ( except Halion of course) :slight_smile:. No hope for me… :blush:
I still can’t change volume on individual midi notes ( trilian, akoustik piano ) - CC7 and CC11 change main volume only…

Dissolve part? :slight_smile:

Just remember that CC# data is a channel parameter. Therefore, any current CC# data will apply to all notes that are currently playing on that MIDI channel (on the same MIDI port, of course :wink: ). So, dissolving the Part won’t make any difference… unless you bounce each individual dissolved track separately.
Apart from that, there is nothing to stop you from using CC#s as Note Expression (so, as stated in the Cubase documentation, if the receiving instrument is not Note Expression savvy, it is best used just on single melodic lines, otherwise it will be applied to all notes in the “chord”).

problem not solved, but… thanks for saving my time… ( and many others :slight_smile: )

update vst instruments to vst3 should help…in the future