Note Expression negative values with fader!

I am currently using Cubase pro and have recently got a BCF2000 fader to control note expression with particular focus to main volume, expression and modulation. It has been a nightmare to set up but I think I am now nearly there, however now when I am moving the fader, at its max I only get a value of 13, not 127 and at its minimum I get -114, this is still the 127 range but of course it stops working below 0 so I only have a range of 13 to play with. What is odd is that this varies for all my samples as the piccolo starts at 0 and ends at 127 whereas the trumpets highest is 21 and the lowest is -106. I want all of them to have a 0 value when my fader is at the bottom and a 127 value when the fader is at the top! Please help!

Hi and welcome,

This must be on BCF2000 side. Open MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert and check what data do you send to Cubase please.

Sorry, I am quite new to all this, how do I get there?


In the Inspector if the MIDI/Instrument track open the MIDI Inserts tab and add the MIDI Monitor to one of the slots.