Note Expression - note bending

I have three midi notes: D E D and I’m trying to simulate a guitar bend from the 1st D up to E and then down again to D. The way I achieved this was to just write one D (the length of the three notes) and use pitchbend to do the up and down pitch changes. However, this bending does not show up in the score editor.

I could leave the three notes in and bend each one appropriately so that they join seamlessly, but the attack of the following notes would spoil things I expect. (I haven’t tried this as I am very new to the Note expression event editor, and currently find it very difficult to use precisely.)

Is there an answer to this dilemma?



You will definitely get different sound. When you use the Pitch Bend, you are in the “Sustain” area of your ADSR. If you add another note, you trigger the sample again on the Note E, and it will sound different. You could also try to use Portamento. But by this, you will get the new note (E), so it will sound like a new note. You have to decide, what is more important for you - the sound, or the scoring?

Thanks Martin, you’re right - it’s one or the other. I think I’ll keep two versions of the same track - one with all the notes with no expression data and the other with fewer notes with pitchbend info.