Note Expression - Pan is not working in Cubase 10?

Note Expression - Pan is working in Cubase 10?

Somebody told me isn’t working, but I cannot confirm as I have not installed yet this version, can somebody help us to check if its a bug or user issue?

is this pan function working properly in Sampler Track of Cubase 10?

Here I am, trying to get help for almost 2 weeks now on this subject.

It works on my midi/instruments tracks but on sample track whatever you draw everything stay pan in the center !

The expression pan is behaving strangely here with steinbergs synths (you can choose pan at the top of NExpression list, nt the cc10 one )

It plays for the first time when looped then stops working until playback restart.


is this > pan > function working properly in > Sampler Track > of Cubase 10?

I don’t use Sample tracks much, but I just tried note expression pan in a Sampler Track and it worked fine for me.

Glenno did you use CC10 ? did you see my screenshot ? this is what you did to make it work ?

i’m not talking about regular panning automation i talk about panning within the midi editor, if you can give detail of how you make it work please ?

This thread is about note expression pan, not midi cc pan. I tried note expression pan with the Sampler Track, not midi cc pan. If you have a question about midi cc pan, that’s a different subject, so you should start a new thread.

Pan expression with the sampler track doesn’t work so that is exactly what the topic is all about

cc10 affects the pan position of mono midi source in a stereo field.
Perhaps the sampler in cubase treats its sound source as stereo.


Just to be clear, you have it backwards. Note expression pan works fine on sampler tracks. It sounds like you’re confusing note expression pan with midi cc pan.

+1 .
i’m on cubase pro 10.5 and pan or cc10 is not working in sampler track .
i saw an option on note expression tool too , but still not working …
i mean …more than 600Euros and fruity loops can do it in a simple clic .