Note Expression Question, Midi CC Editing Question, and more


I have a few questions regarding Cubase, editing midi CC data, and Cubase’s Note Expression Tool.

  1. After hitting record and rewriting the midi cc data, how am I able to edit the notes? When I go into the editing window, the only thing that shows up after “redrawing” the cc lines are the new lines, anything put down before that is invisible.

  2. What is the difference between cubase’s note expression (Not the expression maps) and just writing the cc data? How exactly does the overdub for this option work, and is there anyway to edit the note expression or CC data by moving a fader within cubase without having to have a physical device to “learn” the command?

  3. Does Automating the CC data in Quick commands really do anything different than Note Expression?

  4. When I start cubase, I have a track in my mixer for stereo in that is absolutely doing nothing. I have been hiding up till now and am wondering if something is wrong in the startup for this to constantly open.

  5. For using several instances of a multi-timbral instrument, are there any suggestions how to set up multiple audio outputs in an organized manner? VEPro5


  1. It seems, you have two overlapping layers of MIDI Parts. Glue these MIDI Parts, or make sure, you are opening he one with MIDI Notes.

  2. MIDI CCs are global for the whole Channel. Note Expression works with MIDI-HD, so every single MIDI Note can has own MIDI CCs Values, even if it’s a polyphonic signal. Imagine, you have a Chord, and every single Note has its own Pitch Bend or Modulation. You can do this with Note Expression.

  3. Yes, automation of MIDI CCs is just MIDI CCs, so again, the “global settings”.

  4. If you mean he red fader, this is the fader for your Input Bus from VST Connections > Inputs. If you delete this Bus, the red fader is gone.

  5. I’m using an Instrument categories. So one instance for Strings, another one for Woodwinds, etc., if necessary. In the project, I’m using Folders hierarchie, and Groups in the MixConsole.

Does anyone know were to find the note expression tool? It does not appear in my inspector window.


You should be able to see it in the Inspector of the Key Editor or in the Project window. If you cannot see the Note Expression tan, right-click inbetween two tabs, and enable the Note Expression view.