Note Expression Question : Not appear in Pitchbend Lane

  1. Draw Pitchbend in with Pencil in lower Zone

  2. Use Pitchbend Note expression to affect a single note

Both Sound Their Pitchbends

I’m assuming it’s default behavior for the Note expression data to not appear in the Pitchbend lane. ?

So After you close the Note Expression box - how can you tell , besides just the sound of the Pitchbend itself that there is pitchbend data on the last note ?


Yes, this is THE feature. PitchBend in the controller lane is MIDI Channel based, so it affects all MIDI Notes at once. The Note Expression affects only the one MIDI Note.

If you make a chord and you use common PitchBend in the CC lane, all notes are affected. If you draw the Expression map at only one of the note of the chord, only the one is affected.

You can see an indicator on the note, there is any Note Expression data written on the note.

Thanks for the reply - very helpful

Just for fun :slight_smile:

When I do BOTH A main volume controller lane and note expression with main volume - or if I just do one or the other - I get No Change in the volumes when the track is played .


Don’t waste your time on the question about Main volume
I think it was the instrument I used
because it is working now

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