Note Expression Register Card disappeared ;-(

hi there,
i´ve got a big problem.
i recently bought cubase 6.5 and i´m a beginner with cubase and daw. now i was watching/working with the tutorial videos who came along the box … and suddenly the register card “note expression” in the sample-editor disappeared. i tried “everything” out (newstart of my mac, newstart of cubase, trying out other vst-instruments…) but without any result.

i hope that anybody is able to help me!!! ;-/

ahhhh, i´ve got it !!! :wink:
after trying everything out… reading the manual and so on…
when you do a right click on one of the other register cards on the left of the key-editor you can choose which ones to display… and there my note expression hadn´t been selected!!

Aaaah right click brings up new context sensitive options - must be a revolutionary new thing in computerworld.