Note Expression w/ multiple selection: only 1st note keeps edit

In Cubase 9 I had the following Workflow for editing Note Expression data:

  1. Open Key editor.
  2. Select some consecutive note events.
  3. Double click on a note -> Note Expression event editor opens.
  4. In the Inspector - Note Expression: Select a controller to edit (e.g. CC1 Modulation)
  5. In Note Expression event editor: draw a curve.
  6. Use move, scale and tilt functions to adjust the curve

Always worked fine in Version 8 throughout 9

In 9.5 this doesn’t work properly anymore.
If I move, scale or tilt the curve by dragging from the respective area in the Note Expression event editor window the curve follows my mouse but as soon as I release the mouse button only one note event gets the changed curve applied. For all other events the curve jumps back to its original position.
Now if I doubleclick a different note to open the editor its this note which gets the changes applied. But it is always the first note if I open the editor via key command.
This results in a step as depicted in the attachment (I drew a smoth curve, then tried an upscale which only affected the last note);
Tried it in an existing project as well as a new one. Also tried version 9 again in an exsisting and a new project.

Good catch. Confirmed, and reported. Here’s a gif to demonstrate.
N.E. edit bug.gif

Confirmed on Windows 7.