Note Expression

I do a lot of acoustic bass and piano so having things like pitch bend into bass notes make for a more
life like take. I’ve been using the note expression rather than entering the PB data in a controller lane…
it is easier in some ways except getting it to reset to zero is more difficult …any ideas?

Second question: If I load my giga samples in Halion 3 and use the get key maps in VST exp will it find them?



Note Expression/Pitchbend…
Do I presume you are entering the pitchbend data with the pencil, rather than o/dubbing it with a pitchbend wheel (which will of course reset to zero when you release it)?
Personally, the only way I find it more difficult to enter a PB=0 at the end of a note, using Note Expression rather than the regular PB lane, is that the Note Expression window for the note is only as long as the note itself (so you are more likely to enter the PB=0 a bit too early), but you can still drag the right edge of the window to extend it, place the PB=0 where you wish, then drag the right edge back again (the PB=0 will then effectively be part of the “release” data).
In other respects, I don’t find it any more difficult to locate the exact value #0 in the Note Expression window than in the PB lane (I mean, I find it a bit of a pain in both! :wink: ), so what I sometimes do is capture (copy) a PB=0 event from somewhere, then paste it at the desired location.
But, wouldn’t it be great if there were a contextual menu item, that would reset the currently-active Note Expression curve at the position of the right edge of the note’s Note Expression window? :slight_smile:

VST EXpression/“Import Keyswitches”…
No… For starters, you’d need a VST 3.5-savvy instrument, e.g. HALion 4.
Not having HALion 4 myself, I don’t know if, having imported Giga presets (which, presumably, contain their own keyswitches?), they would be immediately recognized, or if you’d first have to modify them inside HALion itself.

I used to use a similar tech in the “old days” put it on another track and use the PB wheel…I keep trying out
All the new toys . . . . it’s becoming a pain in the butt though.
The copy idea sounds good gonna try that