Note Expression

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When I apply any note expression to a single note it applies it to everything in the part that’s playing at the same time. I’m sure I’m just missing some thing here but can’t figure it out.

Example: I’ll put pitch bend on one note of a chord and it applies it to all the notes of the chord. I am clicking on the individual note to open its editor and using a NoteXP patch in the Halion Sonic SE instrument.

Any help gratefully received!


Check out this thread


That’s really good info as ultimately I want to use it with VE Pro but it isn’t working with Halion Sonic SE with a NoteXP patch so I’m a bit mystified!


I have Volume, Pan, Tuning, Tone Colour and Emphasis working on the Strings in Church patch. These have solid colour blocks to the left and have VST Parameter;visible;editable wnem hovering over them whereas the parameters that affect all the notes have non solid colour bricks and have MIDI;not visible;editable when hovered over (plus have no . to the right).

Am I missing something really obvious here? Can I only use not expression on certain parameters even with Note Exp patches?



You’re gonna kick yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just click somewhere inside the desired “hollow” square, and it will change to “solid”, and it will become visible/editable :wink:.


Thanks ever so, a lesson there, read the manual, was trying to wing it.

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Hi wonder if someone can help me here. I am trying to use Note Expression for the first time. I simply want to pan some tom toms L and R within a bar of midi drums. Having read the Ops Manual, I first selected the PAN param in the inspector tab. I then double clicked on the drum beat I wanted to pan. I have manually drawn in the data (assumed values 1 to 127 would range from L to R or visa versa). Anyway doesn’t matter what values I put in the toms remain in the centre. Am I missing something really obvious? Thanks in advance Richard

  1. What virtual instrument are you using for the drums?
    If it isn’t specifically Note-Expression-ready, then the pan control will work on the entire MIDI channel… not just the individual tom (exactly the same as when using a “regular” MIDI CC#10).
  2. But you say you aren’t getting any pan at all? Does it work if you do use just a regular CC#10 (MIDI pan)? If it doesn’t, then your instrument doesn’t respond to MIDI pan anyways (and Note Expression won’t fare any better), or at least, you might need to set up a MIDI Learn for it (I’ve just tried it in BFD Eco, and I had to set up a drum to MIDI Learn CC#10), but if it does respond to a regular CC#10, then… if the icon to the right of the words “Note Expression” is showing yellow, then it is simply in Bypass mode (on playback).
    Can’t think of anything else for now :wink:.

True, but there is a workaround. If you can’t use a NE-compatible instrument, the trick is to use multitimbrality and assign different MIDI channels to notes that need different NE settings. I do it all the time and it works wonderfully.
Of course if your VSTi isn’t multitimbral, it’s not going to work. Use another one.

Hi thanks for the reply. The Virtual Instrument I am using for drums is Groove Agent ONE which is VST3 compatible I believe (and a prerequisite for NE). So if GA1should support NE panning them I must be doing something really basic wrong. Rather than try to overdub this info, I am trying to set it manually in the NE window. Interesting that the values shown are not L-R but 0-127, which is a bit odd.

Any further advice would be much appreciated.



PS - The NE is not being by-passed (but you had me worried there for a moment!).