Note Expression?

I saw a chapter about Note Expression in the manual and gather this is an alternative to controller lanes. I’m using controller lanes in the Key Editor for my cc automation and am wondering what the advantage is of using Note Expression instead? Wouldn’t editing cc’s be tedious if you have to put them on each note?

Also, am wondering about automation tracks, why I’d use those instead of controller lanes in the Key Editor?


The advantage is the Note Expression are individual for every single note, but MIDI CCs are using for all notes at the MIDI part. Lets say you have a chord, and you want to modulate (or Pitch Bend) only one of the Note of the Chord. With MIDI CC you cannot do this. You would need to divide the chord to multiple MIDI Tracks/Parts… With Expression Map, you can do this.

VST3 plug-ins should support this on their side, and any MPE compatible device (like ROLI, Linnstrument, etc.) too.

Also it can be awkward sometimes getting the midi #cc to line up with the beginning and ends of notes exactly with lanes. ie if you have a fast run of strings and want to modulation CC to rise or fall with every other note, like how a musician emphasises downbeats… its easier with note expression.