note expressions wont play back

i am trying to understand noteexpression feature .
i am haveing a hard time understanding it. can some tell me why when i draw in an expression ill see the knob on a vst move but when i playback it wont play the expression.
sorry if this is a dumb question…

I think we are going to need a much more detailed description of what you are doing there (because you yourself suggested you aren’t too sure :wink: )… (and maybe a screenshot or two?)
What did you draw, and where? To what is that MIDI (Instrument?) track connected? Which parameter?

Further to Vic’s suggestions, please note that it is not enough to just draw expression curves, the VSTi must first be capable of receiving that sort of message. Second, you may also have use the MIDI learn function of the control on the VSTi in order to have the VSTi respond to a CC message. In other words it’s not enough to just send a message to the VSTi, you often must set up the VSTi as well.