Note Fragments Prior to Intended Note

I’m in Cubase 12 Pro. I’m recording with a Nord Lead A1 as a controller. I hope to get something different soon, but this is what I’ve got at the time. I’ve searched online, and on this forum, but I can’t find a topic that’s covered this. I may not be using the correct search terms, but I’ve tried all search terms and parameters that came to mind.

I’m getting tiny not fragments that are nearly impossible to see unless I zoom way in. Does anyone have any experience dealing with these? Is there a setting that I can change in Cubase or something? Everything is up to date. I did a clean install of Cubase a couple of days ago, but not because of this. Still, the problem didn’t exist until today. But I didn’t change anything in the setup. Everything is just as it was when it was working fine. I did a factory reset on my Nord, just in case there were some midi issues that I had inadvertently triggered, but to no avail.

Any ideas on why this would be happening? Example in the screenshot.

Can you post a screenshot of your MIDI Setup Window.

Also you can explore what’s happening in more detail if you stick a MIDI Monitor on a MIDI Insert.

In your screenshot it looks like the extra Notes are both the same distance before the real Notes - is that actually the case in general or just something with this pic? It would be interesting to see what that same MIDI Part looks like in the List Editor.

Ahh! Thanks so much for getting my wheels turning!

While I was getting the screenshots set up, I realized that I’d had my Nord plugged into my Mac through the USB cable so I could transfer some patches, and I had forgotten to unplug it. I also had it plugged into my Rubix44 and had “All MIDI Inputs” selected. So it was recording from both sources simultaneously, and of course there will be some lag time. Thanks a lot for the help.

Great. It had all the earmarks of 2 signal paths for the same data.

As long as you don’t have both paths included in All MIDI Inputs it’s fine to leave both connected.

Yeah, thanks again. I just yanked the usb cord out of the back and chewed it into pieces so it never happens again. Could be an exaggeration, but it’s all good now.