Note grouping 6/4 minims

Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 14.11.53

This bar is in 6/4 (and in the context really does not want to be in 3/2) - is there a way of grouping these notes so that the tied crochets in the middle are a minim instead?

I’m tried various options in “Notation Options” → Note grouping but nothing seems to fix this particular one.

Shift-M [2+2+2]/4 Enter

The square brackets tell Dorico to use that grouping for beaming and note grouping purposes without reflecting it in the printed time signature.

If it’s just this bar that’s grouped like this, you can input a time signature just for this bar, then another for the next bar, then hide them from the properties panel. Note that these hidden time signatures will break multi bar rests, so if there are other layouts where players are resting, you may want to add these meters independently to this staff. Again, use the popover but do so having invoked the caret on this staff, and confirm the entry with Alt-Enter rather than Enter, which will make the meter independent.

Forgive me, but if you make the middle pair a minim, won’t that make it look more like 3/2 than 6/4…?

You’re absolutely right, it does look like 3/2 - but this is for a recording session with click tracks and it would seriously complicate things unnecessarily to half the meter for a few bars only. 6/4 works perfectly in this context - but the note grouping is all wrong.

If your click is dotted half notes, showing the hemiola as tied quarters might be clearer.

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I’m not suggesting changing it to 3/2. I’m suggesting that it looks fine for 6/4 as it is.

Otherwise, just use Force Duration.