Note grouping for 11/8 time sig - how to change?

I hope someone can help me with this, I’ve been reading about the topic but cannot figure out how to do what I want.
I’ve got a piece written with an 11/8 time signature. The grouping I want is 2-2-3-2-2 throughout, or crotchet-crotchet-dotted crotchet-crotchet-crotchet. The default grouping is something else, and in particular, beats 8 and 9 are always presented as tied quavers rather than a crochet as I want them to be. Aside from the aesthetic aspect of it, which is important, there are other functional problems such as making that note staccato or starting a glissando on it, none of these things work like I want because of this grouping.

Could someone please enlighten me as to how to make the grouping how I want it? Thanks ever so much!

You can specify note grouping as part of any time signature by including the divisions inside square brackets. You can change this at any point within a flow by inputting a new time signature, and hiding it if needed.

See this topic for full instructions, and this topic for general time signatures popover reference material.

If you were reading about this in the manual but weren’t able to find the topics linked, or understand what you needed from them if you did, I’d be interested to hear about that - e.g. any particular search terms that didn’t bring up relevant results or wording that didn’t clarify.

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Thank you, Lillie. It really is perfectly clear now, and it works to do what I want.
I don’t know how I missed it, probably didn’t google the right thing but I don’t remember the search terms I used.

Happy now! :smiley:

One little thing that I can describe that was a bit confusing:

I first made it happen by using the time sig side bar and using the “create additive” time sig option. This did the right thing but it showed as 2+2+3+2+2/8, and I wanted it to show as 11/8. Going into engrave options I found that it was already set to “show single number”, and I tried switching back and forth, backing out of Dorico and restarting, but it didn’t take.

Finally I switched it to 2/2 (random) and then brought up the shift-M popup and typed in as the manual says, [2+2+3+2+2]/8 and then it did respect the engrave option and showed as 11/8.

That was a bit confusing, different behaviour when you get there by two different routes. :wink:

For an individual time signature, the other place to check is the Properties panel at the bottom of the window. It contains properties you can set for individual items that override the defaults set in Engraving Options. There’s one for hiding/showing the beat division - I suspect it was set for the first time signature you input. Re-opening the popover and adding a new entry essentially inputs a new time signature.

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I would not have thought of that, but I see it now. Thank you, I learned a lot today!