Note grouping global option for tied dotted half notes

Hi all,

Reaching out specifically to the devs on this one - I think this would be a great global note grouping option to implement.

This first example is how I would like the phrase to look - with the dotted half note tied to an eighth and then the sixteenths afterward. (In 4/4, by the way)

This second example is how Dorico currently handles this situation, breaking at the half bar instead.

Note that my Note Grouping options have this selected, which should override this in my opinion, but doesn’t.
dorico note grouping.PNG
Just to explain a bit for the reasoning behind this, I’d like to show the beginning of the beat which includes the 16ths, which seems more useful than showing beat 3 when the note starts at the beginning of the bar (as shown in the note grouping options). It makes more sense to me to tie from the biggest note value possible instead of splitting at the half-bar when it’s unnecessary.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that this is a situation that would be good to accommodate. I can’t promise when we’ll be going back to work on the note and rest grouping algorithms, but we will of course be working on it in the future, so we’ll definitely bear this in mind.