Note grouping in 5/4: rest8 4 4 4 8 4 in the manuals and 1 4 in the pedals

I have a long piece that has several pages of

Can I instruct Dorico to beam like this without Forced Duration in each bar?
Might this be an old notation style and should be avoided today, → the reason I could not find anything in Synch settings in Dorico? (Perhaps Gould has another take on this.)
I tried [.5+1+1+1+.5+1]/4 but it was ignored.

shift-M does not allow fractional values in the beam groups bit.
You might try shift-M [4+1]/4?


I then tried
Same results

Why(?!) is this so difficult in Dorico? Can this specification not be made simpler for Dorico 6 (or better 5.1x)?
(Amadeus: ba8,4,4,4,8,4 - ba 2,2,4 for rh and ba1,4 for the pedal - Done.)
There are so many settings in Dorico that make up a network of if-then-else-except-when-… I have a hard time understanding this.
The help pages are basic with limited examples.

Except your original example was…
which is what [4+1]/4 creates.

Excellent! Many thanks. I must have made some typo. I’m sorry about that.

Is there any way to “recall” the input of Shift-M so it shows what once was input and not a “simplified” form of 5/4?

Unfortunately not that I know. (I agree it would be a useful feature request)


Curious, what’s the piece?

I believe this is a piece by organist Edwin H. Lemare but I don’t recall the title.