Note Grouping - Notes NOT Being Displayed as Single Note that Cross Middle of Bar

In the attached PDF in 6/4 time, I want the notes that cross the middle of the bar to be notated as a single note. In Notation Options in the Note Grouping section, I seem to have everything possible set so that they should be notated this way, yet this is NOT happening. Is there something that I am doing wrong? Is this a bug in the software? As a last resort, is there somewhere that I can manually override this on a note-by-note basis? I’ve looked in the notes properties and don’t see anything that would allow me to do this.
Psalter Tunes.pdf (73.9 KB)

What is your meter? 6/4? You might try adding a hidden 3/2 time signature if so.

It will help a lot if you attach your project. A screenshot doesn’t really give any more information than your description does.

6/4 compared to 3/2 is the same as 6/8 compared to 3/4, ie 6/x time signatures are six notes grouped in two lots of three notes, whereas 3/x time signatures are three groups of (usually) two notes.
Your piece feels very much like it is in 3/2.

It’s in 6/4 as I mentioned. I have 6/4 as the time signature but have it hidden. I’m compiling tunes from a variety of different psalters, and the practice in those psalters is to not show the time signature, so I am following that practice. I don’t think it would work to use a hidden 3/2 time signature instead, since while I could manually delete bars to get everything to appear the way I wanted it to, I also want to show the tempo, and to be able to play the tunes back at the correct tempo. I really would like to find a solution to get the notes to display the way I want them to. Alternatively, I suppose I could halve the note duration of every note and convert it from 6/4 to 3/4 and then adjust the tempo in half as well.

Half of 6/4 is 6/8.

Try 3/2 first and see what happens.

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Sorry for my brain error. I got so excited to help and didn’t reread the beginning lol

This is what I get automatically when I use a 3/2 time signature.

Hfld.dorico (856.3 KB)

Thanks for the help. I’ve got it now. Incidentally, were you somehow able to import my PDF? Or did you take the time to manually enter the notes?

I entered the notes manually.


There was some more discussion on the problems of using 6/4 a year and a half ago.