Note Grouping Options Future Expansion

Hi folks,

Been a while since I’ve been on the forums, I really like the new design.

Are there any plans in the pipeline to expand upon the note grouping options (significantly) in the near future? I think this has caused the majority of headaches in regards to issues I’ve seen with Dorico as of late, both for new and experienced users.

For anyone reading/following, here are a couple of links to recent posts/discussions in the Dorico Facebook group on this topic:


Thanks Lillie. Of course there’s other situations with note grouping issues all throughout the Facebook group from earlier things as well. Certainly there are some repeated issues that seem to prevalent overall, though.

If you have any particular posts in mind, or if you stumble across them again, do add them here - it will be helpful for the development team to have concrete examples to refer back to.

Will do - to start I think I have some threads of my own from a while ago.
From oldest to newest of my own:

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