Note Groupings

Hey all,

So far, impressed with Dorico, but, I’m struggling a little with control issues over grouping:

In the attached, I inputed the rhythm highlighted very deliberately as semi, semi tied to dotted crotchet

As you can see Dorico has decided that what I really want to do is break the grouping across the crotchet beat, which I do not!

Is there any way you can stop Dorico respelling your rhythms for you in this way?

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 23.15.41.png

Use Force Durations (shortcut O, the icon that looks like a G clamp in the note input toolbox at the left-hand edge of the window). With this switched on before you input your rhythm, Dorico will follow exactly the durations you specify. I recommend that you only engage Force Durations when you encounter a situation that Dorico doesn’t handle to your liking, however, as it will tie the program’s hands in other situations and reduces the effectiveness of its musical intelligence in adjusting the music as it later changes.

Hi Dan!

Perfect. That worked, thanks. Is there a feature request topic to this forum? Got some ideas that would help me anyway.


You can just post your feature requests in a new thread here.