Note hang

Studio Instruments (Cakewalk) notes hang inside Cubase. Just happens when midi is played back from track, not in real-time played by keyboard controller.
I’ve seen some others have problems with this, but haven’t seen a solution yet.


I’m afraid if this is the only one Instrument with the issue, then the issue is on the Studio Instrument side.

Try to change your Buffer Size, and also disable ASIO Guard (for testing purposses), please. Does it work, now?

Didn’t help. Agree that its probably SI issue. And its 32bit on my 64bit C8.5. Also the gui is sometimes fucked up.
But thx for suggestions.

32-bit plug-in in 64-bit Cubase, this could be also a VST-Bridge issue.

You could try JBridge. This is an alternative to Steinberg’s VSTBridge. You can download a trial version to test it.