Note hangs - keeps playing

Hi there, I have downloaded the trial of Dorico - I have come from Sibelius - and am enjoying the ease of note and rest input, etc. However, on playback of the first few bars of a small orchestra score, when it reaches a certain note of my trombone part, the note does not stop playing, and I don’t know how to fix this. Can anyone help?

Best wishes

Would you mind zipping up and attaching the project here so we can take a look?

I have fixed the problem - it was an error in my note input. A grace note was in the wrong place.

Just to show you what happened however, I have included the wrongly entered note combination shown here so that you can see what triggered the continuously playing note.

Thank-you so much for your quick response.
trombone part.PNG

Ah, interesting. That shouldn’t cause the main note to hang indefinitely, though. I’ll make a note to look into this in more detail.