note-head misalignment in second voice (tenor) in piano part

see the screen shot. this is the result of some mucking around after i tried to put in the tenor voice. i thought that Dorico would respect the stem direction of the ‘bass’ notes (given the tenor voice is above that in the f-clef) but when i put the notes in they came in stem down and the formerly stem down notes in what i thought was the bass voice became stem up. after changing notes and (apparently) flipping voices this was the result. now the note heads are no longer lined up. i thought Dorico was supposed to avoid this kind of thing? anyway, how do i correct something like this?


Good catch!

We don’t have any commands to swap the contents of two voices yet, though we intend to add them very soon, but I’m a little puzzled as to why Dorico has ended up with this arrangement when you’ve forced all of the stems out of the way. It looks like it’s offsetting the upper voice to the right in the expectation that the stems of the lower voice are also pointing up; I guess you actually have two up-stem voices here rather than an up-stem and a down-stem voice, and that explains it.

You might want to re-input those notes for now, or wait until the commands to swap the contents of voices and/or change the nominal stem direction of an existing voice are implemented.

Do odd-numbered voices usually point stems up and even stems down?

When you create a new voice, the default stem direction is the opposite of the voice you are currently using.

If you want a stave with 5 stem-up voices and only one stem-down for some reason, you can create exactly that.

The “up” and “down” voices are numbered independently - i.e. if you create 4 voices the note input cursor shows something like “stem up”, “stem down”, “stem up(2)”, stem down(2)".