Note head would not move from previous bar?

When entering notes using the mouse - I was in bar five and the carrot was on bar five beat two the mouse on that bar and beat also but the note head was in bar four and would not allow me to enter a note in bar five… I think I will give up on this software for the time being as its wasting a lot of my time and not giving any results…
It’s a beta and should not have been released in such an unfinished state…I know the team are working hard to get things right but it’s still been released way too early.

Were you in galley view when you encountered this problem? If so, this is a bug that has been reported already and that we plan to fix in the first post-release update.

This sounds like the same issue as I had (posted at I didn’t hear back after I added my problematic project file, but if it is the same then it’s good to hear it’s fixed in the next version. If I switch away from galley view the problem does indeed go away, so that’s a good workaround for now.