Note heads

I am wondering how Dorico handles different note heads for notes.

Can you explain a little on this?

You can set the default notehead type to be used in Engraving Options; this allows the choice between slightly oversized noteheads (the default), or ones that are precisely one space tall, or indeed things like noteheads with note names in them, or sacred harp noteheads that change automatically according to the pitch of the note.

For individual notes, you will be able to change the notehead type via the Properties panel, though this property is not yet implemented. I hope it will be implemented before the release of the first version.

For percussion staves specifically, which I guess is probably why you’re asking, the plan is that you will be able to cycle through the various noteheads needed simply by pitching notes up and down with Alt+up/down arrow, which will go to the next or previous notehead type that is mapped to produce a specific sound or playing technique on the kit instrument you’re using.

You rock, my man!!!

Always quick with a response!! Thanks!

Given the fact that some percussion mappings can have up to 40-50 sounds on the same space/line, I’m hoping that you guys will implement a system similar to Sibelius, allowing for lightning-fast selecting of note heads. I will personally do 99% of my work with a MIDI keyboard handy, but I have to assume that many won’t.

Based on the seemingly modular nature of Dorico, I’m inclined to think that you’ll probably only cycle through the noteheads included in a percussion mapping when using the method you mentioned. Even if it was something that changed semantically between mappings, it would be nice to have the option to press a keyboard shortcut that allows you to quickly select the Nth notehead in a mapping. If speed of entry is the desired result, something along these lines is a must for pretty much every person wanting to have any sort of deeply-sampled percussion library in their projects. I know that if every time I want to go from the 1st mapped notepad to the 20th—when I don’t have a MIDI keyboard handy—I’ll get pretty tired of having to advanced through a whole list of them to get to the desired result.