Note IDs; Key Editor

I haven’t needed to do this in Cubase in a very long time and have now forgotten how, so would someone kindly remind me how one gets the name of a note to be displayed in the Key Editor (as per attached image). :slight_smile: Cheers!

It’s too easy too be remembered :wink:
just zoom in vertically.

Thanks…but obviously I know that. :slight_smile: Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to screen capture that image.
No, what I’m talking about was an option to apply note names and see them whether one is zoomed in or not. I seem to recall being able to do that in some earlier versions years ago, but it’s also quite possible I may be thinking of other software I used at the time. I didn’t find anything in the last two Operations manuals either, so it appears it is not a feature present currently in Cubase. Cheers.

Prefs- Show Data On Small Track Heights, or such?

If its the same as C6, this is nothing to do with zoom - its the ‘Show Note Expression’ button on the toolbar.

With the editor zoomed out all the way, the note names do not show. They first appear when the vertical zoom slider gets to around the halfway point.

With show note expression activated the labels are not shown at all. So yeah, if the OP had that activated he would have to turn it off.

yes, and my apologies Steve. (I just re-read my post above; it could come across a bit snarky - not meant to… :wink: )

you’re absolutely right of course… I was thinking purely about ‘horizontal zoom’; I have the vertical zoom set as you say (roughly half-way point) and find I hardly ever touch that in the key editor.


No biggie Bob. I invented snarky, and manage to hide it well enough in an editable forum. :wink:

Many thanks to all for your kind responses. Preferences and manuals were two of the things I checked before posting, but there’s nothing I can find that would answer my question.

Steve, your comments about Zoom do suggest a possible ‘work-around’, and I think I’ll just use that approach to capture the screen shots I need. I don’t need to see note names all the time either, but for those who do, the suggestions about just leaving the vertical slider set in one position (at ca. 50%) is a very useful. Cheers.