Note Input Accidentals Mistake

An issue with Dorico 4.3 that I don’t recall from Dorico 4.2

Prerequisites (I don’t know how much they matter):

  • German Keyboard, MacBook Pro 15" 2017
  • Dorico in German language
  • German Shortcuts
  • Pitch before duration as input mode
  • add accidentals, duration dot and articulation after inputting a note enabled (edited original post to add this)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a new project
  • Select a Bass-Clef Instrument (Like the Cello)
  • Create a 4/4
  • Set B-Flat-Major as your Key Signature (2 flats)
  • Start Note Input

Method 1:

  • press e
  • press 6 (an e-flat is created)
  • press b
  • press d
  • press 6
    Result: instead of a d, a d-flat is created

Method 2

  • press e
  • press 6 (an e-flat is created)
  • press d
  • press b
  • press 6
    Result: instead of a b-flat, a b-natural is created.

Can anyone reproduce?
Works for me with new projects reliably.

I have been able to reproduce it on an iMac with a US keyboard, running Dorico in English, and with Pitch before duration. I wasn’t sure what to do about shortcuts so I did nothing for that.

The same sort of thing happens in A Major (3 sharps) on C and D.

Sometimes the last note in a bar is not affected.

From the little experimenting I did, it also seems to happen with other note values.

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I believe this is a limitation of how accidentals are input during pitch-before-duration, at least if you have “Specify accidental, rhythm dot and articulations” set to “Before inputting note” (our ref: STEAM-11889). The accidental needs to be set before the note is input, which means that there isn’t an opportunity for the accidental to be cleared/changed when changing the choice of pitch. This isn’t new, though.

I have set accidental and rhythm dots to be after inputting the note and experience this issue.