Note Input: Advance caret after X entries

I think the answer is no but is there a way to control when Dorico decides to advance the caret in note entry? The default - hold on chord and advance on individual note - is entirely sensible, but a lot of the time I get cluttered up with having to manage the caret.

For example in chord mode frequently I’m just filling out two or three filler notes so want to advance always after 2 or three notes entered. Or in individual note entry with “Lock to Duration” I’m often feeling my way along and don’t want it to advance at all but do it when I’m ready.

Anyhow I was thinking it would be neat if there was a setting for how many notes before caret advance. D (defaults), 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4, should be sufficient.

No, there’s no way to do this at present. I’m not sure whether or not I think it’s a good idea, but I’ll let it roll around my brain for a while.

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Thanks for checking in - I don’t know the answer either but thought it worth thinking about.

It’s observational - I’m noticing that caret management is annoying, and wondered why that? It’s not hard, and lots of things occur during note input, chord entry, duration changes, pitches, slurring and articulations. Those don’t bother me - so why does changing the caret get on my nerves?

I think because the caret is best managed by the arrow keys so monopolize the right hand which would rather be on the piano. I tried putting it on the numpad for the left hand, but it’s taking valuable space better used for other operations. So basically it seems to come down to everything else is entering musical content, while the caret is just annoying bookkeeping that keeps forcing me to break out of the flow. Also - at least the way I try to work - since I stay in voice (literal or otherwise) the caret just needs to march forward. After I’m done with that line I’m happy to take hands off and use the right to navigate to the next one.