Note input always omits a note

This is an odd one I just noticed has started happening.

When I open a particular template file that I use for projects (nothing unusual about it, and I’ve used it for years), the first time I enter anything in note input, it only registers one note.

If keep going, no other notes get omitted. If I delete and try again, it works fine. It’s only the first entry, the first time I open the file.

Any ideas?

Hi Dan.
I have not experienced this, but it does not mean anything. I wanted to ask you what was the workflow used to enter notes, to help the team debug this. Are you entering notes with a MIDI keyboard? Does that problem happen if you don’t (but I guess it would be hard to enter a chord at once with the computer keyboard… yet it could miss the first note!)

You should provide the template itself and steps to reproduce the problem. Otherwise, it’s just…



That was certainly my next action, yes.