Note Input Behavior Bug?

I’m using some 4-part choral music to learn Dorico and ran into odd behavior today. I’m using mouse input, and putting 2 voices on each staff (piano reduction). So far everything has been great, but I went to input the last 4 bars and at the next to last bar it wouldn’t let me input a note until the 3rd beat. If I do, then I can alt+arrow the note over to its correct position, but other than that I could find no way to input a note on the downbeat of the measure. The first screen clip shows me trying to input the soprano line, the caret position, and the grey note is the first place it will let me place a note. The second shows the result of placing the note where it will let me. This behavior is true for all four voices, but only in that measure (the following measure works as expected, as did all measures before it).

Note Input - Result.PNG
Thanks for a great birthday present this year :smiley:

Thanks for reporting this. This is a problem only in galley view, as far as we know: if you switch back to page view you should find you can happily input into that bar. We will fix this as soon as possible.

And happy birthday to you from a fellow November-born person!