Note input help

Hi, I have tried for the last two days to replicate the circled line in the first image but all I can create is the second image.

am I missing something or is there a setting I need to use?

Input your 6/4 meter as [2+2 +2]/4 in the shift-M popover. Or use force duration (as the rest of the piece seems to follow the “normal” 6/4 behavior).

HI, Shift M shows up with 3/4 how do I change that to 6/4 and do I input as [2+2 +2]/4 or 2+2 +2/4

You will need the brackets in this syntax.

The 3/4 (in blue) is just the label for the meter popover! Enter the meter you want in the whitespace to the right.

However, since the other bars are clearly 6/4 (compound time), in this instance you should use force duration: select the tied note(s) - hit u (to break the tie), o (to turn on force duration), 7 (to force a minim)

Thank all. The initial solution worked, but I do have time signatures on all second bars. I will also try the forced duration to see if that tidies things up.

How Dorico chooses note durations (and beaming) for each meter, and how the user can control it, is probably one of the most confusing issues for the novice.

Here are some simple pointers (not exhaustive):

  1. Note groups set by Meter changes (shift-M) will affect all staves (unless you enter a local meter change)
  2. Note groups/beaming rules are also influenced by the (myriad of) notation and engraving options.
  3. Force Duration is very useful, particularly when you need to ignore the rules that you have imposed by changing other settings.
  4. ALWAYS EXPERIMENT - to learn how different settings suit your own workflow.

You can use the properties panel to hide extra time signatures.