Note input mode - default duration

When I choose note input, I will often choose a duration (say whole note with “8”), but when I hit SHIFT-N, it always goes to quarter note. Is there a way to avoid it changing the duration?

Choose the duration after SHIFT+N; so far that’s just the way it is.

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Choosing a note duration only works when you are in note input mode. You enter note input mode by double-clicking an existing note or rest or by entering SHIFT-N.

Well there’s a solution to this. The marvellous AutoHotKey program (for Windows, similar available for Mac). You create a script with a very simple and well documented grammar to send keystrokes to your program - any program. I use it for a dozen purposes in Dorico, schc as having function keys to input tuplets ad their ratios and durations. Just make a definition for Note Input start which would send Shift-N and the nunber for the duration you want, say 6. Works a charm.

So, as other posters mentioned, that’s how it is, but AutoHotKey gives you immense capability to tailor things how you want to work.

What’s more, it’s free and open source.

I don’t have one yet, but I believe you can program the Elgato Stream Deck to do something similar as well.

And I can’t help mentioning that I have a Logitech G915 keyboard. Apart from being the best keyboard overall that I have ever had it has a macro programming functionality that I use to set up Dorico macros on the extra function keys and so on. I admit it is a very expensive keyboard, but I think there are other keyboards that suppoprt macro programming functions as well.

Yet another possible solution!

Yahoogle the ‘moon lander’ keyboard… you can have up to 32 layers (I think that’s the number) and every single key on every layer can be a macro if you want.

I have a kinesis gaming split keyboard which also permits macros and remapping. It really is useful, although I do most heavy lifting with the stream deck these days just because I can’t remember what is where anymore.