Note Input Not Working Correctly for Me

Color me confused. I’m running Dorico 5 SE on W11. I have a old synth connected to my machine via a Presonus Audiobox/USB 96. I was able to input an entire song using the keyboard. I’m using it in default input mode, i.e., pick the duration, then enter the pitches.

Now, trying to edit the original score, I select a note, press Shift-N to get to note input, play the note(s) or a chord. Dorico sees the notes and puts them onto the score, but… when I try to move the carat, e.g, by hitting the space key, or using the arrow key, Dorico MOVES whatever I was inputting. Hitting escape results in Dorico forgetting what I input as if nothing happens. I get the same results when hitting the space bar.

WHAT am I doing wrong?
Being a new user, I’m limited to just the one jpeg
This is what it looks like after hitting Shift-N and inputting a chord with the keyboard. After that, if I hit an arrow key, the chord moves, and when I hit enter, it disappears; ditto if I hit escape.

Welcome to the forum, @RockvillePianist. You’ve inadvertently turned on Insert Mode. Press I to turn it off.

As you’ve observed, Insert Mode shifts everything to make room for notes/rests you add. It’s powerful but can cause problems if used by accident.

That looks more like Pitch Before Duration, due to the shadow notes being “built up” in preparation for input.

Thanks Dan and Lillie.
It wasn’t insert mode, I verified that by trying Dan’s suggestion.
It did have something to do with Pitch Before Duration.
I got ahead of my skis in setting up the note input prefs.
For now I’ve settled on Pitch After Duration and Rhythm/Dot/Etc After Input
…and that seems to work for me.
Thank you for your help.