Note input suggestion that should available in Version 1.0

I am working on a rather large score at the moment (a handwritten musical with 10+ scenes, if not more), there are a lot of dotted rhythms. I am currently using Sibelius to input the score (hoping to finish it in Dorico). My input method is to use my MIDI keyboard, selecting the note value, then playing (I believe this is called step-time).

Currently, if a dotted rhythm starts the measure, (assuming the bar is empty with no music) I have to select the bar to begin input, select the note value (say 8th note), add the note with my midi keyboard, go back over the note, add the dot, continue on. This ability to not be able to add a dotted 8th note into an empty bar from the start, without going back and adding the dot is incredibly time consuming, and annoying! Especially as I am having to jump around a lot, and there is a lot of starting and stopping of inputting music.

Will Dorico be able to add a dotted rhythm into a measure with no music, without any fuss using the same method I use? If it doesn’t, I highly recommend that someone start working to implement that immediately.

You can actually do it in Sibelius (and have been able to since version 2). Hit N to start note input before you choose the note value, and you’ll be able to choose the dot as well as the note value at that point.

It’s also possible in Dorico, of course. You have to show the caret before you start inputting notes in Dorico, so the potential problem doesn’t arise in the same way.

You are the man!!! Thanks for answering the question above and beyond.