note input using mouse

Hello everyone

When I read the announcement of the release 1.1 by Daniel and I saw the videos, I was really impressed, telling me: “They finally figured out that we can use the mouse.” Unfortunately, after downloading this new version, I was disappointed once again. Writing notes with the mouse is still unusable.

Take a look at the attachment, I just want to have 3-quarters notes on a music room:

  1. I created a new instrument
  2. In the writing mode, I selected the shift note and I click on the rest. So far, so good.
  3. I moved the mouse after the B
  4. I click, and what is my surprise to see my shift note turn to an eighth note
  5. I moved the mouse again after the shift note and I clicked. Again, my shift note becomes a score of eight.

What I wanted, just to have 3 shift tickets, not 2 e.

I think understanding that when we do a click somewhere after a note we want to add something right after and not turn what has already been entered. It is not an insurmountable intellectual construction.

Mr. Daniel, make a little effort.

A small message for all the afficionados of Dorico for which all you complain, they explain to us that Dorico is the holy grail, you do not understand the philosophy of the product, and what I do is not the right way to work. Unfortunately, this is my way of working, I will not use dorico until I can enter my notes as I enter them in sibelius.

Dorico allows you to overwrite existing notes at any time and at any rhythmic position.
That’s why you have to pay attention to the rhythm grid (the small orange markings above the system) when inputting notes with the mouse. It looks like your rhythm grid is set to show eighth notes, so make sure the gray ‘ghost note’ that shows the position of your next entry is placed at the next but one grid marking before you click if you don’t want to shorten the last quarter note.
If you want to input nothing but quarter notes, you could change the resolution of the rhythm grid (the menu is near the bottom left corner of the screen) to a quarter note. With the mouse you can’t input any note that would fall between two shown grid positions, it seems.

The one step you are missing, pascalPPPP, is to create some extra room for the music to go into. Either hit Space a few times, or add a time signature and then add some bars. Then you will find that mouse input works a lot like it does in Sibelius, except that, as Florian rightly says, you can do useful things like insert notes in the middle of existing notes or before existing notes, etc.