note input using the mouse

for a while it was working. then i lost the cursor. using the online directions to input notes via the mouse doesn’t seem to work - i can get the cursor (shift-N) but i can’t input any selected notes. how do i get to a state where the program recognizes i want to input with the mouse? the screen shot shows the half-note selected as the input note (but i can’t add anything, really).

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 12.34.33.png

toggle the ‘select mode’ button at the bottom of the left side panel? That’s the arrow icon, and it just looks like it is enabled in your screenshot.

Basically, when that button is on, mouse input is disabled. If it’s off, the mouse input works if you also have a note duration selected.

thanks. that was it. should be in the online documentation…