Note Input Very Slow

I’m getting some pretty bad lag on note input. When I enter (via midi keyboard) notes, I have to play the notes about 3 seconds apart for them not to end up as chords. Anyone know why this is happening? I have a very fast computer with 32GB of memory, SSD, Intel I7 chip etc.
Note (313 KB)

Can you try running a MIDI monitor to see whether your controller is putting out a lot of data that could be choking Dorico? Native Instruments have a good write-up of how to do that here.

I executed Midi-Ox (midi input was very fast) and then I tried running Dorico immediately afterward. Note input is now working as expected. That’s really weird. I’m not sure that’s what you intended for me to do but somehow Midi-Ox reset something on my computer and everything is good again.

Thank you Daniel, once again!