Note input with mouse doesn't take effect until restart

Just a note, on Windows with latest Dorico, turning off note input using the mouse by default did not take effect until I restarted Dorico. I flipped the switch on/off a few times and applied it to see if I could get it to stick but it required a restart. FYI -

Are you talking about the switch within Preferences or the mouse icon in the left panel?

Yes, that’s correct and expected. I don’t prefer it, but it was ever thus.

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Sorry preferences, didn’t know there was a mouse icon in the left panel? I’m not seeing it either.

I’m not in front of it but if memory serves me well it’s right at the top, just under the Setup Mode button. That’s the toggle that works instantly.

Still don’t see it, but no worries I just want it off. Thanks to dankreider for the tip, I just posted in case this was a bug.

It’s this. Turn on note input mode, then try clicking this button on and off; you’ll see mouse note input toggle on and off.

I never want mouse input, so I turned it off permanently in Preferences, as you did.


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Oh OK, didn’t know it had that effect - only if you have mouse input enabled. Ah I see, OK then thanks, I’ll leave the setting on in case I ever get used to it, since I can easily toggle selection mode with the arrow key.

Dorico is working so much better/faster on this PC I’m rediscovering it all over again it seems.