Note input with pen?

What a great pleasure, that Dorico now is available for iPad!!!
Is it planned to include handwriting, that I can write scores with my pen?
Or at least the possibility to make annotations (in read-modus)?


There are no announced plans to support handwriting for note entry; but there have been several requests for making annotations in Read mode, similar to forScore, etc.

Here’s a good review that discusses some of these issues:

Thank you very much for this Info.

I’m a bit surprised that there are no requests for handwritten note input, after all it’s also a feature of this other brand new iPad program (whose name shall not be mentioned… :wink:).
And it would really be a great thing if THAT was included too, not only because I’ve been looking for such a program for a long time!
…then I would even consider (as an old “subscription hater”…) to license Dorico for iPad :wink:

Try searching Apple Pencil on the forum, and you’ll find lots of interesting ideas - here’s one thread:

Dorico iPad got me to finally drop pencil/paper which I used for idea development and initial blockout (on a 6 grand stave paper for orchestra). It’s faster and better on the iPad using a portable MIDI keyboard, and believe it or not I’ve come to like using a paired Bluetooth computer keyboard as being as fast. A pencil would just get in the way IMO.

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Stephen did not say there had been no requests; he said there have been no announced plans for handwritten note input. Indeed, Daniel said the team is not currently interested in pursuing this since other programs already do this and produce output that one can import into Dorico.

I have to correct myself: the (real) handwritten note input doesn’t work with Sibelius… Only a touch-like function works there.
…so everything is fine for Dorico to be the first program where this works… :wink:

Yes, but the only - reasonably functioning - program offered there costs another 99 euros…

And it so rigidly requires you to write in a certain way that it obviates any benefit from using a pen IMO. I’d be curious to see how many people use it on a daily basis with no issue, as I said a digital approach with a keyboard is so much faster and effortless.

I wonder what those old time composers would have preferred, MIDI+computer keyboard input or scribbling with a quill pen, spilling ink all over their fingers :slight_smile:

And you think Dorico would take on that big a project to offer it to you for free?! :rofl:

Did I say anything about free? Of course not:

Just to reiterate: we have no plans to devote our development team’s time and energy into interpreting handwritten input. We do plan to expand Dorico’s support for the Apple Pencil in future versions, but not in the direction of using it to allow the user to attempt to write music freehand into the app.