Note length.

Hi Folks,

Sorry if this has been asked before, but after several hours going through the forum and some Google searches, I haven’t found an answer to my question.

I am working through Billy Joels ‘And So It Goes’ for the choir I’m in.

I have a situation where a note has a value of a quarter note plus a sixteenth. The note is played a sixteenth before the end of the bar, hence the odd length.

I can go in the Play section and alter the length of the note there so it sounds correct, but, the score doesn’t reflect this change and looks very busy.

Is there a way to clean up the score so that there’s a sixteenth note in one bar tied to a quarter note in the next bar?


There is no “re-transcribe” functionality in Dorico. Play mode is offered as a means of changing the underlying Midi Data in order to create a more musical performance, but the whole point (I think) is that these performance adjustments should remain separate from the notation.

Currently Play mode is solely for making playback-specific overrides for note positions and durations. It’s quite possible in the future that we may allow for changing the notated data as well in this view. We hope to make Play mode a lot more usable soon.

In the meantime you need to change the note length in Write mode.

I guess I’m confused why one would try to change the value of a note in a notation-based program by altering the note length in Play mode. Why not just go to the spot in the score in Write mode and add the sixteenth there, which play would then reflect?

Guess it varies depending on which camp one is coming from :slight_smile: After all, midi edits in Cubase are instantly reflected in the notation (at least by default.) Related behavior is found in other programs as well, e.g. Overture 5 and Notation Composer…

I can notate it correctly by using a sixteenth and a quarter note and use a tie to indicate they are one note. However, Dorico plays them as two notes, not the one that I’m after. The tie does not join the notes to the audio engine.
Maybe my reply can help your confusion.

that shouldn’t happen unless you tie notes between voices. Make sure the tied notes belong to the same voice and playback should be correct…

The separate playback of tied notes is a known issue that we hope to fix soon.

Well folks, I found the answer to my problem.

Dorico does allow notes like I want to be enter, it’s just a bit more complicated.

In my case I wanted two notes to sound as one. One note was at the end of a bar, the other note at the start of the next bar. The first note was a sixteenth and the second note a quarter.

The way to enter this is to enter the sixteenth note and then select it. The using the key combination Shift+Alt+Right arrow, the length of the note can be extended to any length. The extension lengths are base on the Rhythmic Grid resolution.

Just what I wanted. Happy now.

FYI tied notes now play back correctly - will be in the forthcoming update.

Thanks for the info Paul.