Note names in KEY EDITOR according to key set in the score


does anybody have solution for this: I set the key in the score editor to Ab major. When I Iook at the notes in the piano roll (key editor) all the note names are displayed with sharps (G# instead of Ab).
Very confusing and doesn´t make sense at all. I would consider it as a bug but maybe I just don´t know all tricks:

Any way to change this with a smart pref. option like:

“Display Key Note Names inside Key Editor according to the Key set in the Score Editor” ?

And no: the workaround would not be to just write in C Major :unamused:

Thanks, Cheers, lokotus

Preferences/Chords&Pitches/Enharmonics from Chord Track

Then on the Chord Track insert an entry for the scale (turn off Automatic Scales in the Track’s Inspector so it doesn’t add scale entries on its own). You’ll also need to insert at least one Chord entry onto the Chord Track. Now in the Key Editor you should see flats where appropriate.

Thanks a lot, I will try that one out :slight_smile: