'Note Names' Problem

I have created several simple Lead Sheets as Projects and as I am new to reading music I have used ‘Note Names’ as the note head type. This has worked successfully with most of my lead sheets, but one for some strange reason refuses to change the regular note heads to Note Names.

I have used the same formatting as used in the other lead sheets i.e. staff size ect. selected Engraving Option - Notes - Note Names, there is a blue boundary around the selection box and I’ve clicked Apply, but nothing happens ?

Is there a selection somewhere that would block the note heads changing ?

Have you overridden the noteheads? What happens when you select them all and choose Edit > Notehead > Reset to Default Notehead?

If that doesn’t work, can you share the project (or at least a version of it with a few bars) here? If you apply the Silence playback template before saving, the file size will be much smaller.

Thank you Lillie

Using Edit > Notehead > Reset to Default Notehead worked and I can now select Note Names.

Just one other small point, if a note is on a black key I colour that note red (to make it stand out) and when using Note Names it shows the note letter as usual but only in Write and Engrave modes. If I select Print mode, the letter in the red note disappears and the resulting PDF has all red notes without the note name. Is there a fix for this please.

Yes I see that, I suspect because note name noteheads comprise two parts: the notehead, and a white “background” in the middle, and applying the color property probably sets it for both parts.

You could create your own notehead set (perhaps duplicating the existing note names set), duplicate the note name noteheads for black notes and change them to red in the notehead editor. Then apply that notehead set to the relevant notes (or all notes, if you leave the white note noteheads untouched).

Once again thanks Lillie, hopefully this can be looked at in a future update.

I will take a look at your workaround, it sounds quite interesting editing noteheads.