Note Names (very basic question)

How do you display the names of the notes (selected), A3, D4 etc in Dorico, please?

The equivalent of Sibelius’ status bar at the very bottom of its window.


Note names don’t appear in the status bar, but in Play mode, middle C is shown as C4. Is that what you’re trying to find out? I hope this helps.

Much appreciated, Stephen!

It is what I want - but I really need to see note names in Write mode as well.

Is that not possible, please?

No, at the present time there is no read-out of the current note name in Write mode.

Thanks, Daniel!

Would you kindly add it as a feature request, please?

Good luck :slight_smile:

Any progress on this feature, please?

Thanks so much!

No, there is no progress on this feature as yet.

Daniel - thanks!

Is it on your list?

Is there a way around it?

It would be so useful for non-professionals and learners… especially with Clefs with which (mainly for notes on ledger lines) they (we!) are unfamiliar, please.

No, there is no way around it at the moment. I can’t give any guidance about when it might be added to the program.

Understood. Thanks, Daniel :slight_smile:

…liking Dorico more by the hour!

Maybe you already know, but you can have the note names shown inside the noteheads, if that’s a help. Engraving Options - Notes - Notehead design.
Of course you can change to normal notepads before you print, and just use it as a working tool.

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No, I didn’t, Leif!

Thank you so much. This is a very good workaround.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Just for other users of Dorico who want to input note names on their scores.
There is a very easy way to enter the note name for each note, it is to use the lyrics feature in Dorico.
1) Select the note whose note name you would like to have displayed.
2) Do Shift+L and a popover will open. Simply write the note name you want (say c4) and then press enter and you will see c4 displayed below the note.

For more details on lyrics, just type lyrics in the pdf Operation Manual for Dorico 3 and you will see more information on this feature lyrics.

That’s a lot of work, and assumes that you know the name to start with!

Dorico does now display the name of the selected note, in the status bar at the bottom.

Screenshot 9.png