Note not playing when I click on it in certain instruments?

Hi there!

I am currently writing an orchestra piece and had to re-assign some playback sounds to save memory, but when I did that, those particular instruments lost the ability to be clicked on and played back as I write. They play back with the full orchestra when I just press “p,” that is not the issue, they just do not play when I click on individual notes. All other instruments I can click on a note and it will play it back for me like usual. My file is too big to attach, but it would be literally incredible if anyone knows how to fix this! It is probably something very simple, but it has stumped me… Thanks for the help!!

Can you shorten the file to say 2-3 bars and attach? I’m assuming any playback issues would still be present.

I wish-- I reduced everything down to literally one measure and even deleted some instruments and could only get it down to 9.9MB… I can private message you my email if you would like to see it, though!

@MKM_Music, I’d advise you not to publish your real e-mail address on a public forum. You can always send a private message (PM) to another user by clicking on their user name above the post.

got it-- thank you!!

Did you (re)assign the correct Expression Maps as well…?

Good question-- yes, I believe everything there is done correctly as playing techniques are not an issue, it is just not being able to hear a note when I click on it.