Note of appreciation for Layouts and Flows

Hey all,

Hope you don’t mind me using the forum for positive feedback - just thought I’d enthuse for a minute about the flexibility that multiple layouts and flows affords us. Want to move movements around? No problem, drag the flows around. Want to try it without the piano? No problem, make a new layout and deselect the piano! Want to work in A3 for a while? Go right ahead and make a new layout! Want to reduce it all onto piano? Go right ahead chap, new layout then deselect the rest when you’re done. Realise that short score isn’t doing the trick and you need to notate it in full choir? “” Want to discount your former sketches and focus on the 5th flow you’ve made today? Just deselect the rest from the layout! Want to focus on the winds and soloist of an orchestral work? Hey - you don’t need to delete the players from a flow, just make a new layout!

Total. Game changer. Thanks! :heart:


Thanks for taking the time to provide a bit of positive feedback, Edd. We appreciate it.

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