Note off absent in Input Transformer

I’ve got a organ console for playing sampled pipe organ (Hauptwerk) with two midi keyboards and a midified organ pedalboard.

Sometimes when playing other sounds than organ from this console it would be convenient to use one of the pedal tones for sustain (in this case D#2). I’ve found that Cubase 4:s Input Transformer almost does the trick.

Input Transformer happily converts the D#2 Note on message to CC64 sustain with a value of 127, which is what I need to press down the virtual sustain pedal. Great!

But then problem starts. Input Transformer don’t give me any opportunity to use Note off messages for anything, which means that I can press down my virtual sustain pedal by pressing down the D#2 pedal, but I can’t release it.

Is there a workaround? Would upgrading give me the function I’m looking for?

Try CC64 value 0

Yeah, I know that CC64 value 0 is what i need. Maybe i wasn’t clear enough. These matters are complicated to explain. :nerd:

First I want Input Transformer to convert an incoming note on message to CC64 value 127. This works fine.
Second I want another instance of Input Transformer to convert the corresponding note off message to CC64 value 0. This doesn’t work because Input Transformer cannot be triggered by note off messages.

So i need a workaround or maybe (though i doubt that) an update…

I have been trying a few things here (I actually have a similar setup… Including the excellent Hauptwerk :wink: )

The strange thing here, is that, using either of my two online keyboards, the simple conversion from note D#1 to CC#64 works perfectly (both on and off), but from my pedal board (which is in fact merged with one of the keyboards, through my Kurzweil ExpressionMate), I have the same problem as you of non-recognized note-off after conversion.
Is does indeed seem to be a question of “real” note-off" vs “note-on with velocity=0”, but even if I transform to that externally (using MIDI Pipe here on Mac), by the time it passes through the Input Transformer, it gets converted back to real note-offs again! I also tried, using the Transformer Insert FX (different problem, but still doesn’t work).

I’ve tried in Cubase 4, 5 and 6 !
I’l keep trying, however, and let you know if I find a solution.

(btw, which version of Hauptwerk do you have?)

… later…
I succeeded, but you’ll need Cubase 6…
(for info… I created a VST Expression Map, and, using D#1 as a remote trigger, I send CC#64=127 from there.
It’s really convoluted, but to get CC#64=0, I need to create a first slot, which transmits CC#64=0, and the D#1 slot in 2nd position, with “Latch Mode” set to “Off”, such that, when I release D#1, it defaults to the first VST Expression slot, and therefore transmits CC#64=0 automatically.)

(Let me put this way… you must really really want to do this, for it to be worthwhile! :slight_smile: )

That’s great work! :sunglasses: Thank you! Yeah, this sounds a little too complicated and expensive, but if I ever upgrade for some other reason I will definitely try your workaround.

I’m still a beginner at the organ, and run the free version of Hauptwerk with S:t Annes. I tell you the Hauptwerk people know what they do when they offer a free version so full of functionality. I thought I never would think of playing another organ than St Annes, but now I’m starting to contemplate getting a paid version and some new organ :slight_smile: .