Note off with Expression Maps?!?!

Hello community!
After many years of using expression maps, and I love those, I realized that there’s no way to send note off messages via the expression map.

I just bought a library that lets you play a single bow or a re-bow on the virtual violin, but it would be nice to tell the instrument to deactivate the single bow before activating the re-bow. This makes sense because some instruments like this one simply don’t switch from one articulation to another, and sometimes this can cause articulation overlaps.

It can definitely be an overseen thing from the manufacturer’s end, but it made me think that the whole expression map system won’t let you send note off messages, that can be considered a huge overseen thing from Steinberg’s end, too.

So is it just me or it really seems like a pretty basic option is missing in the expression maps setup?


You can send Note On with Velocity 0.