Note Off with Generic Remote

I use a LaunchPad mini with 64 macros and key commands assigned. I tried to set up the Select tool so when I released the pad (Note off) it returned to the draw tool. Like a ‘momentary’ type setup. But the note off does not select the Draw tool as expected. Why is that?.
When I have ‘Learn’ checked and release the pad, Note Off should be registered but it is not. Why?.
Note off.PNG


It works to me here.

You can try, instead of Note Off set Note On, Max. Value 0.

Thanks for the reply. But that does not work either.


Did you “record” the message by using Learn function, right?

The note-off velocity of the input device must be higher than 0. If it’s not, it won’t trigger the command that has been assigned to a certain Generic Remote entry.

I can think of two possible reasons:

  1. A note-off message at 0 velocity will be “registered” only if you have a note-on message played first (the same note number/pitch). So I think that the pad outputs a note-off message at 0 velocity.
  2. At release, the pad doesn’t send a note-off message.

Things you could also try:
→ restarting Cubase;
→ reconnecting the MIDI controller.

Does the launchpad send note off upon release at all? Some pads never send note off and not even note on with velocity 0. They rely on thetruggered Sound to fade away. You could check with midi ox.

All sorted. I got Bome Midi Translator Pro. And BMT Pro does indeed receive ‘Note Off Vel. 0’ information from the Launch Pad. Ineresting that Cubase’s Generic Remote setup doesn’t ‘hear’ the OFF message the same way as Bome MT Pro does. :confused:

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