Note on quantize?

Anyway to just quantize the note on values? I don’t want to change the length of the notes. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ops Manual pg. 236.

…but the end of the note also moves when you do this. I want the end of the notes to not move, only the start of the notes to be quantized.

(not to be pedantic, but… that means that you do want to change the length of the notes… if you move their start points and leave their end points unchanged, you change their length :wink: ).
I’m not sure if what you are wanting to do is even possible. (bedtime here, maybe sleep will bring inspiration :wink: )

Oh it sounded like you wanted the length to stay constant, but you really want the end point to not move. There isn’t really a quantize option to do that. You basically only have 3 quantize options:

  1. Move the start and leave the length the same.
  2. Quantize the length (e.g. make it end exactly 1/4 note after the start wherever that is).
  3. Quantize the end so it falls on a grid line independent of where the note starts.

If your note start is already quantized, 2 & 3 basically do the same thing. But their results are different if the start is not quantized.

I’m not at my DAW to check, but the MIDI Logical Editor might be able to do what you want - although I suspect not.